Top 10 Brutal Bouncer in Cricket

Brutal Bouncer in Cricket
Brutal Bouncer in Cricket
All of them were good cricket players who could throw a hard bouncer that made batsmen jump around to protect themselves

All of them were good cricket players who could throw a hard bouncer that made batsmen jump around to protect themselves from the sheer force of the ball. When a bowler throws a short-pitched ball at a batsman, it is one of the most exciting things to see in cricket, unless you are the batsman who is getting hit.

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Here are 10 of the Most Violent Bouncers in Cricket History:

10. Steve Harmison:

 On the first day of the first Test at Lords in the 2005 Ashes series between England and Australia, the tourists were bowled out for only 190 runs.

Steve Harmison was their biggest problem. He took 5 for 43 and may have set the tone for the whole series when he hit captain Ricky Ponting in the face with a bouncer that cut him.

Even though England lost that game, the stage was set for one of the best series ever.

9. Jeff Thomson:

The tense Ashes tour of England in 1973–74 will be remembered as the series in which Australian cricketer Jeff Thomson made his name known around the world.

The fast bowler with a slingshot action hurt many batsmen and scared his country’s oldest enemy by bowling at a speed that had never been seen before in cricket.

This bouncer to Tony Greig shows how fast he was bowling and how aggressively he was doing it.

8. Craig McDermott:

After getting beat up by the West Indies for a long time, Australia finally got the upper hand in their fights with their Caribbean rivals in the early 1990s.

The Baggy Green now had some scary fast bowlers of their own, especially Craig McDermott, who was always reliable and had a knack for getting important wickets.

He also had a scary bouncer, as this picture of Gus Logie shows.

7. Curtly Ambrose:

Curtly Ambrose was one half of the West Indies’ fearsome new-ball duo in the 1990s and early 2000s. He used his height and speed to make even the flattest pitches bounce steeply. His short-pitched balls were deadly all over the world, not just on the bouncy wickets of the West Indies, because he was so consistent and had so much stamina.

His bouncer to Australia’s Allan Border in 1992 shows how hard things were for even the best batsmen when Ambrose was around.

6. Allan Donald:

Allan Donald, who was known as “White Lightning,” played international cricket for South Africa and was very fast and mean from the start.

He could often do a lot of damage, but never more than when he broke Sultan Zarwani’s skull in the Proteas’ match against UAE at the 1996 World Cup.

Zarwani was wrong to only wear a sunhat when facing one of the most dangerous fast bowlers in the world, but the delivery could have hurt the batsman in a way that would last for a long time.

5. Michael Holding:

Another name for our next bowler, Michael “Whispering Death” Holding, who became known for being very fast and aggressive even though his bowling action was almost silent. Holding was a key part of the West Indies’ scary fast bowling attack. He fit in well with the intimidating and dominant style that captain Clive Lloyd wanted from his team.

He could also do a lot of damage to batsmen, as this vicious delivery to Graeme Wood of Australia in 1983 shows.

4. Joel Garner:

Joel Garner, who is 6’8″ and from the West Indies, moves up to No. 4 because he was another player who could get the ball to bounce very high.

As you might expect from a bowler who is so freakishly tall, Garner’s bouncers were sometimes so hard to play that he took a lot of wickets.

Once again, Graeme Wood is the one who gets hurt. This time, the man from Barbados is the one who hurts him.

3. Malcolm Marshall:

The next-to-last West Indian on our list, Malcolm Marshall, ended a batsman’s international career with a brutal delivery in 1984. England’s Andy Lloyd was the unlucky player. He had 10 runs when disaster struck, and Marshall’s ball sent him to the hospital.

The only good thing about this is that Lloyd is still the only player in Test history who has ever started the batting order and never been out.

2. Courtney Walsh:

Courtney Walsh, our last West Indian, is at No. 2. He was a tough bowler who beat up batsmen all over the world in the 1980s and 1990s. Robin Smith of England was known for being brave in hard times, but even he couldn’t handle this attack from Walsh while they were on tour in the Caribbean.

During the fifth Test in Antigua, Walsh threw a bouncer that hit Smith in the jaw and broke it. Smith had to leave the game hurt and fly straight home to get treatment.

1. Brett Lee:

Alex Tudor had to be carried off the WACA in Perth, Australia, in late 2002 after being hit by a bouncer. This ended his Ashes tour.

It came from Brett Lee, who at the time was one of the world’s fastest and most aggressive bowlers and was having a great series against England.

Tudor, who usually bowls from the back of the team, wasn’t ready for this brutal delivery that went 144.1 km/h and hit him in the head. The Surrey man’s head was broken, so he was taken away and flown back to England right away for treatment.

What is Bouncer in Cricket

A short delivery from the bowler that passes above shoulder height when the batsman is standing upright at the crease. In other words, a bouncer or bumper is a short-pitched delivery that bounces once and reaches the batter at head height.


Cricket is all about passion, like other sports. It’s also full of weapons that release pent-up energy.

One of those weapons is the bouncer; it pitches far away from the batsman and rises to his chest or head. Definitely a risky delivery that puts the batsman at risk.

When faced with a bouncer, most batters duck and miss. Bouncers are the best way to scare a batsman. Such deliveries can change the game.

It’s been a lot more deadly bouncers who have broken a few noses on the field.

Every ball changes the game of cricket, bringing thrills and exhilaration that can be both good and bad.

There’s an aggressive side to cricket, and it’s a little more exciting.

Types Of Bowling In Cricket

S.NDifferent Types Of Bowling in CricketVariations (Types of spin bowling and fast bowling)
1.Fast BowlingBouncer
Reverse Swing
Leg and Off Cutter
Slower Ball
2.Spin BowlingLeg Break and Off Break
Googly (Leg Spinner)
Doosra (Off Spinner)
Top spinner (Leg and Off Spin bowling)
Carrom Ball (Off Spin bowling)
Slider (Leg Spinner)
Arm Ball (Off Spin bowling)
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