WPL 2023 TEAMS Auction, Women IPL Team Announcement | Women’s Premier League

Women IPL Team Announcement and team auction
Women IPL Team Announcement and team auction
Women IPL Team Announcement: BCCI is getting ready to start the much-anticipated WIPL Season 1 in India in 2023

Women IPL Team Announcement: BCCI is getting ready to start the much-anticipated WIPL Season 1 in India in 2023. There will be five teams. Recent news stories say that eight IPL franchises for men are competing to own the teams that will play in the Women’s competition. Five teams will play in the first season of the Women’s Indian Premier League, which will start in 2023. This post will talk about the Women’s IPL 2023 Schedule, Teams List, Auction Date, Players, and Date.

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Women’s Premier League Team List

Women’s IPL 2023:

The BCCI will be in charge of the Women’s Indian Premier League when it starts in India in March 2023. The rules and structure of the games will be the same as in the Indian Premier League for men. The BCCI’s plan for the WIPL is for it to have 22 matches, with five teams taking part.

After the auction is over, the Women’s IPL 2023 Schedule and the names of the franchises and teams will be made public. After the name of the Franchise is chosen, the BCCI will hold an auction of female cricket players. The Women’s Indian Premier League 2023 teams will then get together.

Women’s IPL Schedule 2023:

The Women’s Indian Premier League 2023 teams have been put together by the BCCI. Each team will have 18 players. The BCCI had put together the WIPL before. But back then, each team only played one match.

The BCCI has agreed that the Women’s Indian Premier League will start soon after the Women’s World Cup. Based on the name that BCCI gave the zone, there will be a total of 5 teams competing in their own games.

WIPL Teams List:

The BCCI has hinted that all five teams that will be playing in the WIPL 2023 will be named very soon. The BCCI will give the current Man’s IPL franchise priority over the other teams during the auction. If the club that already has a franchise doesn’t want to buy a team, the BCCI will let the club buy a new franchise.

  • Dharmshala/ Jammu – North Zone
  • Indore/ Nagpur/ Raipur – Central Zone
  • Pune/ Rajkot – West Zone
  • Cuttack/ Ranchi – East Zone
  • Guwahati – North East
  • Kochi Visakhapatanam – South Zone

The successful bidders of WIPL:

For the first season of the Women’s Indian Premier League, the teams are out. The five city franchises are in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Lucknow, and these companies have won the rights to own them.

S. No.Successful BidderCityAmount in INR
1.Adani Sportsline Pvt. LtdAhmedabad1289 crores
2.Indiawin Sports Pvt. LtdMumbai912.99 crores
3.Royal Challengers Sports Pvt. LtdBengaluru901 crores
4.JSW GMR Cricket Pvt. LtdDelhi810 crores
5.Capri Global Holdings Pvt. LtdLucknow757 crores
Women IPL Team Announcement

Date of 2023 Women’s IPL Auction:

The most important thing is that the BCCI gives the player notes with instructions in the system they use to sign up for the auction. Also, we don’t yet know when and where the Women’s IPL Auction 2023 will take place. But there are signs that it could happen very soon. Since the matches for the women’s teams in this year’s IPL will start in a few weeks, the IPL squad should be chosen first so that the games can go on as planned.

Also, all of these games will take place in the state of India, since the league is called the Women’s Indian Premiere League, as the name suggests. It means that every game will be played in India. Fans have started cheering for the Indian women’s cricket team just like they do for the Indian men’s cricket team. But even though there are more women in the work force, the number of fans has stayed mostly the same. Check the WIPL Auction Date for 2023, which should be available starting in February of that year. Most likely, the games will take place in the state of Maharashtra. The schedule shows that these games will take place between March 6 and March 26.

WIPL Auction Date & Time:

In the women’s Indian Premier League (W-IPL), there will be five teams. Each team will represent one of India’s six zones. All five tournament franchises will get bid invitations from the BCCI. After all the teams have decided, the BCCI will tell everyone when the player auction will be. On the WIPL schedule are the five teams’ 22 games, the round of elimination, and the championship game.

Dates, times, and locations of the Women’s IPL 2023 Auction that are important to note:

  • The BCCI has decided to make teams from the six different zones in India.
  • When a team gets a franchise, it will be given the names of the cities in each zone.
  • Each team will have a total of 18 players on their roster.
  • Eight players from another country can join one team.
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