Top 10 Funny Cricket Moments

Funniest and Crazy Moments in Cricket
Funniest and Crazy Moments in Cricket
Funniest Moments in Cricket: Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Even though cricket is known as the “gentleman’s game

Funniest Moments in Cricket: By far, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Even though cricket is known as the “gentleman’s game,” there are times when the games get heated. However, cricket is always a lot of fun for its fans. If you like cricket, you won’t want to miss these funny times in the sport’s past.

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Top Funniest Moments in Cricket History

1) Javed Miandad After Winning Toss:

There had to be a Pakistan player in the funniest moments in cricket history, and this one features Pakistan’s captain, Javed Miandad. After Javed Miandad has won the toss, the match referee will ask him, “What would he like to do?” And Javed’s answer made everyone laugh out loud (ROFL). He said, “I don’t know. Let me go inside and find out”.

This funny story came up online again after Wasim Jaffer posted it on Twitter.

“On resume: Good at decision making.

In real life:”

2) Lou Vincent Boundary save:

When fielding, every player tries to stop as many runs as possible, so we see players fielding near the boundary rope diving to save the boundary. But when Lou Vincent, a Kiwi fielder, tried to stop a boundary, something funny happened. Lou Vincent’s lower came down while he was running, and the crowd couldn’t stop laughing.

3) Dilshan’s Celebration hurts him back:

You may have seen players throw the ball into the air after getting a wicket. But Dilshan’s style of celebrating hurt him in the game against Bangladesh. Dilshan celebrated getting out by throwing the ball high into the air. He must have forgotten about gravity, though, because the ball came back down and hit him in the head. He didn’t get hurt too badly, but this was one of the funny parts of the game.

4) Dwayne Smith’s run out instance in IPL:

Without a doubt, this has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened in the IPL. When Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings played each other, they were the two biggest teams in the tournament. When he played for Mumbai Indians, Dwayne Smith tried to steal an extra run after the fielder made a mistake.

But Rohit wasn’t too interested in the run, and then there was a comedy of errors as bowlers and fielders from Chennai missed four chances to run out Dwayne Smith. Yes, Chennai missed out on 4 chances, which was funny for the crowd but made Dhoni very angry.

5) Billy Bowden Gave Red Card to McGrath:

McGrath tried to bowl an underarm delivery against New Zealand in a funny way. Billy Bowden couldn’t keep him away from this funny moment, so he gave McGrath a red card as a penalty for a mistake he made. Even though it didn’t have much to do with cricket, this part of the game made both the players and the crowd laugh out loud.

6) Ajit Agarkar raising his bat after scoring 1 run:

Ajit Agarkar, who was the best bowler for India in 2000, was out on his first ball seven times in a row on the Indian team’s tour of Australia. So, when the bowler scored a run in his eighth innings, he raised his bat as if he had just hit a century, which made everyone on and off the field laugh. Ajit Agarkar did give people a funny moment to watch.

7) Hasan Ali’s wicket celebration costs him:

Hasan Ali, a fast and furious bowler from Pakistan, is known for his “bomb” celebration after getting someone out. But in one of the games against Zimbabwe, this way of celebrating hurt him. Hasan Ali bowled a Zimbabwean batter and did a “bomb” move to celebrate. As he did this, a nerve or muscle cramp happened in his neck, and a physiotherapist had to come check on him. His teammates made fun of him a lot about this for a long time because of this.

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