Top 10 Best Cricket Kits in India

Best Cricket Kits in India
Best Cricket Kits in India
Cricket Kit: At least one person in every house lives and breathes cricket. Every person like this wants to be a cricket player

Cricket Kit: At least one person in every house lives and breathes cricket. Every person like this wants to be a cricket player. They watch every game and don’t miss a weekend of practice at the nearby field. As the most popular sport in India, it is one that both kids and adults play the most. If you want to get the most out of the game, you need everything from wickets and bats to balls and gloves. Whether you’re a fan of cricket or just know someone who is, here are some of the best cricket kits you might want to buy to help you win the next game.

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List of India’s Top 10 Cricket Kit Brands

1. Sunley Cricket Kit:

Looking for the best cricket equipment for your young fans? You might want this Sunley Wooden Cricket Set. This kit has a high-quality wooden bat, a wicket base, three stumps, two bails, and a tennis ball that is not too heavy. Both the stumps and the bat are made of a strong but light material, making this the perfect cricket set for kids.

Most important things about the Sunley Cricket Kit:

  • The Sunley Cricket Kit is perfect for children ages 2 to 4.
  • The bat is the right weight and has a nice curve.
  • The cricket kit has a sturdy case with a carry handle.

2. Klapp Champion Cricket Kit:

This cricket kit has everything you need for a safe game of cricket. The kit comes with a strong bat. It is made of high-quality willow and has a good grip so it is easy to hold and can be swung well. There is also a cricket helmet, a pair of batting gloves, and an abdominal guard in the Klapp Champion Cricket Kit. It also comes with a pair of arm guards, a pair of thigh and leg guards, and a bag that can hold everything.

The Klapp Champion Cricket Kit’s most important parts are:

  • The Klapp Champion Cricket Kit comes in sizes that fit people of different ages.
  • For a better grip, the batting gloves in the set are made of cotton and PVC.
  • The cricket kit also comes with finger rolls made of foam with two different densities.

3. SG Cricket Kit:

This SG kit is one of the best cricket kits for you if you want to play cricket professionally. Each kit has a cricket bat with a cover, a leg guard, batting gloves, an arm guard, an abdominal guard, a thigh guard, an SG helmet, a ball, and a grip. The kit comes in a good duffel bag. It is made of tough nylon and can hold all of your gear. The brand makes the kit in different sizes, but this one is size 6 and is for kids ages 12-13.

Features of the SG Cricket Kit:

  • The SG Cricket Kit comes in sizes that are good for people of different ages
  • The cricket kit is convenient because the bat pocket is on the outside.
  • The nylon used to make the duffel kit bag is strong.

4. CW Bullet Cricket Kit:

This is one of the best cricket kits for adults because it has the best gear. The bat in this set is made of Kashmir willow and has a strong spine that can handle even hard leather balls. The package also comes with arm and thigh guards to protect the whole body, as well as comfortable leather batting gloves. The leg pads are made of real PVC, which makes them flexible and gives them protection.

5. MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit:

If you’ve never played cricket before and want to start, this kit from MPRT might be just what you need. The thick-edged willow bat gives you more power and control, while the light tennis-rubber ball reduces shock during practice games. The wooden wicket can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it is very durable and a good choice for long-term use.

Some of the best things about the MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit are:

  • The MPRT Wooden Cricket Kit comes in different sizes that are good for different groups.
  • The cricket bat can be used for softball, tennis, and rubber ball games.
  • The MPRT Cricket Kit comes with a sturdy bag for storing your gear.

Not sure which brand has the best cricket kits for young kids who want to start playing the gentleman’s game? This cricket set from Klapp is made of willow and can’t go wrong. This kit has everything a beginner could need. It has one bat, three balls, four stumps, one stump base, and two bails. The willow bat comes in three sizes for kids of different ages, and it has a fish tape on the back to make it easier to hold.

7. Sunley Plastic Cricket Kit:

Use this Sunley Plastic Cricket Kit to cheer up your child this season. It is one of the best cricket kits for kids because it is very light and strong. With one cricket bat, four wickets, two base pieces, two bails, and one wind ball, this kit has everything you need for everything from gully cricket to a friendly game in the park. There are different sizes, so there is one for every age group.

8. Spartan Cricket Junior Kit:

This cricket gear is just as good-looking as the other things that Spartan is known for making. This cricket set comes with batting gloves, batting pads, abdomen guards, arm guards, thigh guards, and a shoulder bag. It also comes with a Kashmir Willow bat in size 4 or 5.

9. Fratelli AVM Practice Cricket Kit:

The Fratelli AVM Cricket Kit is great for kids of all ages. The cricket kit comes with four wooden wickets with stands, a cricket bat, leg guards, batting gloves, a kit bag, gloves, bails, and a tennis ball. The Fratelli kit comes with gloves made of cotton with a PVC palm to give you a good grip and keep you comfortable. This kit from Fratelli for playing cricket is a good choice.

10. CW Player Choice Cricket Kit:

The CW Player Choice Cricket Kit has all of the safety gear you need. This includes batting gloves and a helmet to make sure that the player is safe. Along with the accessories, the package comes with a sports backpack. The inside of the bag is big enough to fit all of the kit’s equipment and protect it. Along with batting gloves, you can also get a helmet, an arm guard, a thigh guard, and a guard for your stomach.

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