10 Lazy Cricketers in the World

Lazy Cricketers in the World
Lazy Cricketers in the World
Lazy Cricketers: Throughout its history, cricket has been known for requiring a unique set of talents from its players.

Lazy Cricketers: Throughout its history, cricket has been known for requiring a unique set of talents from its players. Despite this, we’ve compiled a list of the ten laziest cricketers of all time. There are many top-tier cricketers in the globe who have worked hard to get where they are. Of course, as in any field, there are certain cricketers who are as sluggish as ever. There are a handful of them that can’t even transport their own cricket equipment.

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10 Laziest Cricketers of All Time:

1. Inzamam-ul-Haq:

The first person on the list of Lazy Cricketers is, in fact, the best cricket player from Pakistan. Inzamam, who used to be the captain of Pakistan, was well-known for a lot of things besides his skill on the field. One reason was that he was too fat and didn’t work hard enough. He wasn’t very good at fielding, so he was often put in the slip area so he wouldn’t have to run around too much.

He is also known for not being able to move well between the wickets. In cricket, Inzamam was run out 40 times, which was the second most of any player. He got the other runner out twice by making him run out twice.

2. Mohammad Shahzad:

Shahzad, who keeps wickets and bats, is also in this Lazy Cricketers group. He said himself that he would never give up good food. It won’t help him as an athlete at all, and he should always focus on his strokes.

He once said, comparing himself to Virat Kohli, “I work a lot on my fitness, but I don’t skimp on food.” You want me to work out like Kohli, but that’s not possible. I’m trying to lose weight, though”.

3. Chris Gayle:

The Caribbean Boss is one of the guys on the cricket field who is the most laid-back. His dislike of taking ones and twos shows how lazy he is, so he is at number 3rd in Lazy Cricketers. He doesn’t like to run between the wickets because he thinks it wastes time and energy. Chris Gayle has played half of his matches without being completely healthy. And guess what? A half-fit Chris Gayle is usually more than enough to beat the bowlers of the other team.

He never ran a 3 in his whole career. He likes to hit boundaries, mostly sixes, which is a nightmare for someone like Virat Kohli, who relies on singles and doubles.

4. Sarfaraz Ahmed:

Well, another Pakistani cricketer makes it onto the chart. This time, it’s Sarfaraz Ahmed, who is the captain of the team right now. The flashy batsman, who is also the wicket-keeper, wasn’t as fit as the other captains in the game, so he couldn’t keep up with them. Sarfaraz Ahmed has been ordered to lose weight if he wants to improve his batting.

5. Munaf Patel:

The Indian pacer from Baroda was made fun of a lot because he didn’t try very hard in the field. He had a lot of serious injuries, so he was never a good fielder. After a while, his speed slowed down a lot, and he was no longer known as the “wonder boy” of Indian cricket. His fielding was average, and he didn’t try very hard.

Munaf has been known to let the ball go over the ropes without going down to get it or stop it. He never dives to catch a ball close to the edge of the field. Very bad at fielding, which bothers the other bowlers on the team a lot.

6. Dwayne Leverock:

Who could forget that catch from the World Cup in 2007? He is still one of the laziest cricket players in the world. Leverock, who was also known as “Sluggo,” was one of the heaviest players to ever play cricket. Leverock was an all-rounder for Bermuda and weighed about 280 pounds when he played in the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007. This person has never cared about being fit. After Bermuda did poorly in the 2007 cricket World Cup, he gave up his job.

7. Virender Sehwag:

Yeah, the aggressive opening batsman is just as lazy as any other cricketer. He never ran between the wickets to get an extra run or to make the fielder work harder. He was also run out because he would leave the stumps to Fielder’s brilliance, hoping the fielder would miss the hit to the stumps. Other than that, he never cared about team meetings or practices.

8. Rohit Sharma:

People often say that Rohit’s elegance is in how lazy he is. He has more time to see the ball and hit it so that it goes well beyond the boundary. No matter what, he is a real gentleman. But sometimes his style of being lazy and elegant costs him the game.

Gets inside-edged, dragged to wickets, or even a slip catch. In fact, he takes longer to get going in test cricket, but when he does, he gets out even more quickly. Virat Kohli once said that he had never met anyone like Rohit Sharma, who can fall asleep anywhere.

9. Yusuf Pathan:

Yusuf Pathan was one of the players in IPL season 1 who showed the most promise. Many former cricketers thought that India was looking to him to finish the game in the last few overs. He was also good at bowling. At that time, he was a dangerous customer because he could easily cross the boundary.

But his fitness turned out to be a bad thing for him. He even missed easy shots, which cost the team more than once. Aside from that, he doesn’t move quickly on the field.

10. Thisara Perera:

Yes, the Sri Lankan all-rounder also made it into the chart. The showy cricket player has always helped Sri Lanka with both his bat and his ball. But he isn’t the same when it comes to fielding. The stylish southpaw didn’t do much to help his team when it came to fielding. Because he was too lazy on the field, his team often lost important points in the game.

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