Prize Money, Overseas Players, Venue and Auction Purse for Women’s IPL Revealed

Women IPL
Women IPL
Women IPL is almost decided. For buying a player in the auction, a women’s IPL team will get Rs 12 crore

Women’s IPL is almost decided. For buying a player in the auction, a women’s IPL team will get Rs 12 crore. The purse will grow by Rs 1.5 crore every year. After the names of the five teams are revealed, the auction will take place on January 25.

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There will be 22 matches between the 5 teams in Mumbai only, at DY Patil and Brabourne Stadium. Wankhede Stadium will be ready for IPL. For the first time, the women’s IPL champion will get Rs 6 crore.

One team will have 5 foreign players

A women’s IPL team will have 5 foreign players. Four players from test playing countries and one from an associate country. A team will have only four foreign players if the associate country’s players aren’t in it. IPL teams can have up to 4 foreign players. You don’t have to have players from the associate country.

Prize money is 10 crores

There will be Rs 6 crore for the winning team, Rs 3 crore for the runner-up, and Rs 1 crore for the third-placed team. The prize money will total Rs 10 crore. In the 5 team tournament, there will be 20 league matches. There will be 2-2 matches between each team. Finals are for the team with the most points.

There will be an Eliminator between the second and third teams in the points table. Winners of the Eliminator will advance to the finals, and losers will finish third.

Men’s IPL prize money is 4.6 times bigger

IPL prize money for men is 4.6 times less than IPL prize money for women. In the men’s IPL, the winning team gets Rs 20 crore, while the runner-up gets Rs 13 crore. With the prize money from the third and fourth place teams, it’s Rs 46.5 crore. There’s 10 crores in prize money for women’s IPL. The winner of Pakistan’s Men’s Franchise League (PSL) gets Rs 3.4 crore. The prize money of the Women’s IPL champion is Rs 2.6 crore less.

In the first three seasons, there will be 22 matches

Women’s IPL 2023-2025 format has been decided. The Women’s IPL will have 33-34 matches starting in 2026. Teams get Rs 13.5 crore in 2023. Every year until 2026, the purse of the teams gets increased by Rs 1.5 crore. In 2026, there will be 6 teams, and the purse for the teams will be Rs 18 crore.

World’s third women’s franchise league

India’s third women’s franchise league is likely to start on March 4. It’s possible to play the final match on 26 March. Men’s IPL will start after women’s IPL. There were women’s franchise leagues in England and Australia before India. The Women’s Big-Bash League started in 2015. Meanwhile, England’s Women’s Hundred League started in 2022.

T20 Challengers Trophy used to be held in India

There was a franchise tri-series called T20 Challengers Trophy before the Women’s IPL in India. Since 2018, this trophy has been played until 2022. There were only four matches. But, there will be 22 matches in the new Women’s IPL.

Women IPL 2023 Schedule

DateFixtureTime in ISTResult
March 4Trailblazers vs Supernovas7.30 PMSupernovas win by 49 runs
March 6Supernovas vs Velocity3.30 PMVelocity win by 7 wickets
March 8Velocity vs Trailblazers7.30 PMTrailblazers win by 16 runs
March 10Trailblazers vs Supernovas7.30 PMSupernovas win by 4 runs
March 12Team 4 vs Team 57.30 PMTeam 4 win by 4 runs
March 14Team 5 vs Team 47.30 PMTeam 5 win by 7 wickets
Women IPL
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