IPL 2023 Playoffs: Qualified Teams, Schedule, and Predictions

IPL 2023 Playoffs: Qualified Teams, Schedule, and Predictions
IPL 2023 Playoffs: Qualified Teams, Schedule, and Predictions
IPL 2023 Playoffs: One of the most watched and eagerly awaited cricket competitions in the world is the Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL 2023 Playoffs: One of the most watched and eagerly awaited cricket competitions in the world is the Indian Premier League (IPL). People all across the world play it and like it. Cricket is a sport in which two teams, each with eleven players, compete against one another. Cricket is played professionally on a field with a 20-meter pitch in the middle and one wicket with three stumps on either end. Fans anxiously anticipate all sorts of championships and tournaments of cricket. IPL playoff is a shorter yet most exciting version of cricket championships. 

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As the best teams compete for a position in the grand finale, as the IPL 2023 season nears its conclusion. The qualified teams, the playoff schedule, and some predictions for this exciting part of the tournament will all be covered in this article. 

The million dollar question is that which four teams will be qualifying for finals? The question is yet to be answered as the only qualified team of IPL 2023 is Gujrati Titans so far followed by eliminating teams which are Punjab Kings, Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Rest of the teams will be announced as the first round of matches comes to an end. The scenario of playoffs are as followed;

  1. Chennai Super Kings have qualified for 11 times
  2. Delhi Capitals have qualified for 6 times.
  3. Royal Challengers Banglore has won 8 times.
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders won the championship twice.
  5. Mumbai Indians has won the trophy five times. 
  6. Punjab Kings have failed to make their mark in the playoffs yet.
  7. Rajasthan picked up the trophy in 2008 and since then they have failed to outshine in the tournament. 
  8. Lucknow Super Giants are new to the bandwagon, joined in 2022 and came third so we can have high hopes with the team.
  9. New to the IPL, Gujarati Titans had joined the company of IPL, took the trophy home last year in 2022

BCCI implemented the “Impact Player Rule,” during the 2023 IPL season, marking a significant shift in IPL history. The competition will otherwise adhere to the rules from the last iteration. 

The IPL 2023 rules are described in the sections below:

  1. Two DRS will be used in the IPL in 2023. 
  2. Upon a catch dismissal, the incoming batsman will take the strike whether the batsmen have crossed or not, unless it’s the final ball of the over.
  3. The BCCI will try to reschedule the game for later in the IPL 2023 if any side is unable to find their starting lineup owing to COVID-19.
  4. The IPL Technical Team will investigate the situation if rescheduling is not an option.
  5. In the playoffs or the championship game, the club that finished higher in the league will be crowned the victor if the Super Over or any future Super Overs cannot be completed for any reason.

The IPL season’s winner will be determined via the playoff rounds of the competition. The top 4 teams in the IPL points standings will advance to the playoff round following the conclusion of the league matches. To narrow down the field of teams competing in the IPL season finals, the top four teams will play two qualifiers and one eliminator. The eight teams of the IPL 2023 regular season engaged in tight competition, but only the top four teams advanced to the playoffs. 

The dates of playoffs are:

Qualifier 1 – May 23

Eliminator – May 24

Qualifier 2 – May 26

Final – May 28

The Indian Premier League (IPL) playoffs will be held in either the historic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad or Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium, according to the BCCI. Ahmedabad will host Qualifier 2 and the Tata IPL 2023 final, while Chennai will host Qualifier 1 and the eliminator. It’s interesting to note that Ahmedabad also hosted IPL 2022 playoff games before setting the stage for the IPL 2022. 

After the group stage, a four-game playoff round using the page playoff format is played. In the playoffs, there will be four games which will be played. 

  1. First qualifying round: matchup between the top two teams from the group stage.
  2. Between the groups’ third and fourth-placed teams, in the elimination round.
  3. Between the loser of Qualifier 1 and the victor of the Eliminator is Qualifier 2.
  4. Final: between the qualifier 1 and qualifier 2 champions.

The Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans are in a good position to guarantee their places in the IPL playoffs in 2023. The competition for the final two spots, however, is still extremely open and include a number of teams. The last four teams that will compete for the coveted IPL trophy will be determined in large part by the results of the forthcoming IPL matches. 

According to IPL history, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians had the best success in terms of making the playoffs, having done so 10 times each and nine times, respectively. With Mumbai Indians winning five times and Chennai Super Kings winning three, these clubs also hold the record for most IPL championships. However, the prediction for the winners of IPL 2023 are:

  1. Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  2. Gujarat Titans (GT)
  3. Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

Let us wait and watch to see who is going to pick up the trophy and take it home. Whatsoever will be the case, the spectators are watching and waiting for more thrills down their spines and ecstatic to witness more matches ahead to hit them for six.

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