Top 10 Cricket Blogs to Follow

Cricket Blogs
Cricket Blogs
Want to find the best websites for cricket news, tips, and odds? Check out our list of the 10 best blogs about cricket

Want to find the best websites for cricket news, tips, and odds? Check out our list of the 10 best blogs about cricket.

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There are a lot of great cricket blogs on the web. From Ashes Test venues India cricket news. The one of the best places to bet on cricket. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, with an estimated 2.5 billion fans.

Top 10 Cricket Blogs:

  • Cricbuzz
  • Full Toss
  • Cricket Web
  • Cric Blog
  • CricViz
  • The Cricket Blog
  • Dennis Does Cricket
  • Women’s Cricket Blog
  • Inside Edge Cricket

There is a big market online for articles, podcasts, and videos about cricket, whether they are about old players, the IPL, or the longest format. Fans who want to know more about cricket before they bet online or just want something to read on their way to and from work each day should check out these 10 blogs throughout the week.


Cricbuzz is a huge source of news about cricket. It has more than four million Twitter followers, which may take it out of the realm of blogging.

Even with all of the score updates and reports, Cricbuzz is still a place where you can find features and insights that not every cricket-related website would offer.

Full Toss:

Since 2005, The Full Toss has been one of the most popular cricket blogs. James Morgan is a well-known voice on Twitter. He is an outspoken critic of “The Hundred” and often gets into arguments. The Full Toss is one of the few places that cares as much about the England cricket team, covers Test series, and talks about who should be on the team.

Morgan tweeted on October 20 that he would be leaving the blog for the foreseeable future. The Full Toss might not be as active in the coming months, but it deserves to be on this list because of the content it has made in the past few years.

Cricket Web:

Cricket Web is an Australian site that has been around for a long time and is different from the usual cricket blog. This is a great place for cricket fans to meet virtually and talk about the sport. It is mostly a forum, with reviews and featured articles as more of a sideshow.

Fans can talk about the mental side of cricket and the Australian domestic season for 2020-21, and they can also play a variety of interactive games. No matter how good you think you are at fantasy cricket or making predictions, Cricket Web has what you need. Even though it doesn’t look like the most up-to-date site, Cricket Web is a popular place for cricket fans from all over the world and you should check it out.

Blog Cric:

Cric Blog, which is also run by Australians, is updated as often as any other blog on this list. The site’s founder, Charbel Coorey, wants to write about as much world cricket as possible, which he does with previews, player ratings, and opinion pieces.

There are quizzes for fans to test their knowledge, tips for other people who want to blog about cricket, and a whole bunch of previews of upcoming games. At the time of writing, the IPL is the main topic, and there is a lot of coverage of it.


CricViz is where you should go to help you decide what to bet on in cricket. Their WinViz model gets a lot of criticism that isn’t fair. But the data on CricViz is unmatched and adds a lot to the way cricket is analyzed. Their writing about sports is some of the best you can find.

CricViz says that it “sets the agenda in cricket analytics,” so it’s clear that they are at the top of the sport. Their blog shows fans what they do and how they learn about cricket. You should also check out their podcasts. CricViz would fit right in with the top 10 sports podcasts.

The Cricket Blog:

Two of the most recent posts on The Cricket Blog are an interview with Phil Tufnell and an article about village cricket in COVID-19 times. This blog covers everything, from the IPL to a long read about the Chennai Super Kings. The Cricket Blog sticks to unique angles while others try to cover all the latest news and do more general things.

It’s not a place to visit often, since new articles are only added every few weeks, but keep an eye out for when something new goes up, because it’s well worth your time.

Dennis Does Cricket:

Dennis Freedman’s blog about cricket is not like any other. If you follow cricket on Twitter, you’ve probably seen Dennis. He says that Dennis Does Cricket is a place with “articles, podcasts, and random things to make cricket more fun and less stuffy”.

Dennis has been published in well-known places all over the world, and his unique take on sports has helped him build a strong reputation. Dennis Does Cricket can sometimes feel like trolling on social media, but it’s always a fun ride. Even his “About Dennis” page is a maze of selfies and funny comments.

Women’s Cricket Blog:

Women’s Cricket Blog hasn’t been updated since 2020, but since it has an active Twitter account, there’s hope that it will start up again soon. All people who like women’s cricket will be hoping so. Every day, a useful feature is updated with new information about women’s matches taking place all over the world. Fans can add these games to their own calendars with just the click of a button. Location and time are given.

Over the last few seasons, coverage of women’s cricket has gotten a lot better. National newspapers and top websites will get the most attention, but blogs like this one with a strong social media presence are just as important if you want to get more people interested in the game.

Inside Edge Cricket:

Inside Edge Cricket is about English cricket and gives expert insight and analysis on both the national team and the domestic game. In recent articles, England’s top players in the IPL and the never-ending mystery of England’s top order have been talked about.

For all three formats, the player ladder is a very interesting thing to read. This is a good way to keep up with how the Test, ODI, and T20 teams for England change all the time.

Maybe it’s not fair to call the most well-known sports magazine a “blog,” but the work done on Wisden’s website deserves to be noticed. Wisden’s main draw each month is obviously the magazine, but their website is full of interviews, quizzes, and news.

Don’t forget about the weekly podcast, either. It looks at cricket around the world, but of course, when England is playing, it focuses more on England.

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