Impact Player Rule, toss, broader DRS ambit: What’s new in IPL 2023

Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023
Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023
Impact Player Rule: The approximately 20 existing umpiring signals in cricket will soon be joined by a new one

Impact Player Rule: The approximately 20 existing umpiring signals in cricket will soon be joined by a new one. The introduction of Impact Player, a novel idea that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) claims “would bring a new tactical/strategic dimension to the game,” will be signaled by the umpires during IPL 2023.

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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) claims that:

Along with the new toss rule that allows captains to declare their starting lineup after the coin is flipped. The IPL’s most recent season will provide some fresh perspectives to the T20 game, which is always growing. The head coach of a squad claims that the new rules will alter their cognitive abilities and states. “We will need to go through some permutations and see how it impacts the balance of sides”. The BCCI stated that it “will preserve IPL’s position at the forefront of innovative cricket and continue the growth of the T20 format” in a memo announcing the new umpire signal and rules of the Impact Player.

The BCCI has informed franchises that following the toss, as was recently implemented in SA20, captains may select their starting XI. Before the toss, the captains were required to declare the starting Eleven. Expanding the DRS’s scope to include wide balls and no balls is another new regulation. The rules of the game specify that. “A player may also be permitted to review any decision made by on-field umpires concerning wide or no ball”.

According to the BCCI:

Impact Player’s debut is the biggest change in this IPL. The rule will operate in this way. According to the BCCI, “The Captain will identify the Impact Player to the umpire. And the umpire will signal in the manner as depicted in the above image indicating that the Impact Player is being introduced”.

It continues, “As stated in Clause 1.8 (iv) below, the Impact Player may be introduced I before to the commencement of the innings, (ii) following the conclusion of an over, or (iii) in the event of a batsman, at the fall of the wicket or the batter retiring at any point during the over. The bowling team may also add an impact player after the wicket has fallen. But if the wicket has already fallen in the middle of the over. That impact player is not eligible to bowl the remaining balls in that over”.

New Toss Rules in IPL 2023:

The BCCI claims: “Normally, teams must be switched by captains prior to the toss. This has been amended to allow teams to select their best 11 players. Depending on whether they will bat or bowl first. The teams will benefit from assistance in planning for the impact player”.

Two team papers are carried by each captain.

(a) playing XI and 5 subs if they bat first.

(b) playing XI and 5 subs if they bowl first.

The captains will trade team sheets based on the result of the toss.

Regulations for Impact Players:

At the time of the toss, each team must name their starting eleven players and five replacements. Only one of the replacements listed on the team sheet may be utilized as an Impact Player. Each match allows for the usage of one Impact Player for each team. But, it is not required. Teams can decide whether or not to utilize the Impact Player. The BCCI further stated that a player who is replaced by an Impact Player (“Replaced Player”) is not allowed to participate in the rest of the game or even return as a substitute fielder.

A player who sustains an injury while fielding a mid-over can no longer play in the game even if the club substitutes an Impact Player in his place. Otherwise, the only way to introduce Impact Player is in the way that was just mentioned. The Impact Player can only be an Indian player, as Cricbuzz previously reported. Unless there are fewer than four foreign players in the Playing XI.

Only when a team names less than four foreign players in the starting XI may an overseas player be used as an Impact Player. Only one foreign player may be utilized as an impact player out of the five substitutes listed on the squad sheet. There can never be a fifth foreign player on the field if a side adds an international player as an Impact Player during a game. When a wicket falls, a batter retires at any point during an over, or an inning is over. Only the captain has the authority to inform the fourth umpire or the on-field umpire that an impact player has been introduced.

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