Top 10 Lowest Innings Totals in IPL

Lowest Innings Totals in IPL
Lowest Innings Totals in IPL
Lowest Innings Totals in IPL: Big scores and bold batting are often associated with Indian Premier League, but sometimes roles are switched

Lowest Innings Totals in IPL: Indian Premier League is often associated with big scores and bold batting, but sometimes the roles are reversed. Wickets fall like pins, and the score is awfully low. From 2008 to 2023, this page lists the lowest team scores in IPL history.

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IPL Lowest scoring teams

The Indian Premier League is a T20 cricket event where games are short and intense. High totals and fast hitting are popular in IPL and are what get people most excited. And the players do their best to give fans the best fun possible. So, aggression is more important than planning and care.

Most players get on the field and start hitting the lines right away, without taking a look at the field or warming up. This often leads to big scores that possibly should have been made in 50-over ODIs. While time is of the essence in the 20-over IPL, batsmen try hard to get a big score.

Everyone should knows Playing too carelessly can also be bad, and early wickets can be lost as a result. It has happened that good teams with players who have won the World Cup have been beaten by double digits. There are always surprises in cricket, and IPL is no exception. From 2008 to 2023, this page has a list of the lowest team scores in IPL history.

IPL’s lowest-scoring teams from 2008 to 2023

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have the record for the fewest runs scored in the IPL. They also hold the record for the most runs scored in the IPL. In IPL 2017, Kolkata Knight Riders bowled RCB out for 49 runs in just 9.4 overs. Six times, RCB is in the top 25 teams with the lowest scores in the history of the IPL. The next team is Rajasthan Royals, which has 58 runs in 15.1 overs and is playing against RCB. It makes sense that #RCB is often called both the best and the worst team in the IPL.

In the 2017 IPL, Delhi Daredevils is in third and fourth place. In both the cases, they were bowled out for 66 and 67 runs.

Here are the list of Lowest Innings Totals in IPL

PositionTeamScoreOversOppositionMatch Date
1Royal Challengers Bangalore499.4Kolkata Knight Riders23 Apr 2017
2Rajasthan Royals5815.1Royal Challengers Bangalore18 Apr 2009
3Delhi Daredevils6613.4Mumbai Indians6 May 2017
4Delhi Daredevils6717.1Kings XI Punjab30 Apr 2017
5Kolkata Knight Riders6715.2Mumbai Indians16 May 2008
6Royal Challengers Bangalore6816.1Sunrisers Hyderabad23 Apr 2022
7Royal Challengers Bangalore7017.1Chennai Super Kings23 Mar 2019
8Royal Challengers Bangalore7015.0Rajasthan Royals26 Apr 2014
9Kings XI Punjab7315.5Rising Pune Supergiant14 May 2017
10Kochi Tuskers Kerala7416.3Deccan Chargers27 Apr 2011
11Chennai Super Kings7915.2Mumbai Indians5 May 2013
12Delhi Daredevils8019.1Sunrisers Hyderabad4 May 2013
13Rajasthan Royals8115.2Kolkata Knight Riders17 Apr 2011
14Deccan Chargers8218.3Royal Challengers Bangalore24 Apr 2010
15Royal Challengers Bangalore8215.1Kolkata Knight Riders18 Apr 2008
16Lucknow Super Giants8213.5Gujarat Titans10 May 2022
17Delhi Daredevils8317.3Chennai Super Kings18 Apr 2013
18Kolkata Knight Riders84/820.0Royal Challengers Bangalore21 Oct 2020
19Delhi Daredevils8415.4Chennai Super Kings21 Apr 2014
20Rajasthan Royals8516.1Kolkata Knight Riders7 Oct 2021
21Mumbai Indians I8718.5Sunrisers Hyderabad24 Apr 2018
22Delhi Daredevils8716.1Rajasthan Royals30 May 2008
23Royal Challengers Bangalore8715.2Chennai Super Kings20 Apr 2009
24Mumbai Indians8712.5Kings XI Punjab10 May 2011
Kings XI Punjab
Rajasthan Royals
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Royal Challengers Bangalore
14 May 2018
14 May 2023
Lowest Innings Totals in IPL
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