10 Factors that make Mohammed Shami LETHAL!

Mohammed Shami
Mohammed Shami
When Mohammed Shami comes in to bowl, it looks so easy. It is a mix of rural fitness and bowling techniques that look good

When Mohammed Shami comes in to bowl, it looks so easy. It is a mix of rural fitness and bowling techniques that look good. When we all started to miss Zaheer Khan, the bowler from the Bengal team came into Indian cricket. It didn’t take long for Shami to become well-known. From the moment he came out on the scene, his amazing skills began to draw attention to him. The seamer’s career was going well until he hurt his knee. This put an end to his career. Even though Shami had an injury that could have ended his career, his desire to bowl turned the full stop into a comma.

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On top of that, Shami made sure that the second innings after his injury would be an exciting one. The fast bowler came up with a version of seam bowling that was a mix of seam bowling and other things to meet the needs of the game. He has worked himself up to the point where experts and fans are talking about how he bowls. Recent changes in the Indian team’s fast bowling have been amazing, and Shami is a big part of that.

1. RUN-UP of Mohammed Shami

When we think of Mohammed Shami’s bowling, the first thing that comes to mind is his run-up. A very clean run up with lots of intensity. When he charges in, you can see the energy that is being made. The fast bowler from Bengal gets the momentum he needs from his athletic run-up. In fact, if your body is in the right place, it’s almost like a sprint.

At first, it was a long run-up, but when he hurt his knee in 2016, it had to be cut down. But his shorter run-up has turned out to be the key to his accuracy.

2. UPRIGHT SEAM POSITION of Mohammed Shami

There is a lot to say about this department. Shami stands out from other bowlers because of how well he sets up and throws the ball. When Shami throws the ball, it comes from the twelve o’clock position. This makes the seam stay straight until the ball lands. This way of presenting the seam helps the ball move as soon as it is let go of the hand.

More than anything else, the sharp movement (in or out) that happens right after the seam lands is what puts a batsman’s life in danger. Shami does this sharp movement on purpose by using his wrist and fingers in the best way possible. The hardest thing for batsmen to deal with is the ball that goes back to the stumps.

3. REVERSE SWING by Mohammed Shami

Most of the time, Shami is the best bowler in cricket right now who can bowl with a reverse swing. Most fast bowlers in the subcontinent don’t know how to do reverse swing. He learned this skill so that he could handle the pressure of Test cricket.

He has to practice the reverse swing over and over again to get good at it. For a batsman, it’s hard to control a ball that is going backwards faster than 140 km/h.

4. WICKET TAKING ABILITY of Mohammed Shami

At one point, Virat Kohli turned to Shami whenever India needed to get rid of a batsman. Shami’s middle-over spells in ODIs worked so well because his bowling was fast, had unexpected bounces, and moved along the seam.

Also, the settled batsmen found that Shami was an obstacle in the middle, which tends to stop their flow. In Tests, if you look closely, he might not have the most wickets in an innings, but he is the one who gets the important middle-order batters.

5. HITTING THE STUMPS by Mohammed Shami

Because of the length he uses to do the seam movement, he has been hitting the stumps more often. It is the best way to bowl for a quickie no matter what kind of pitch you are on. This Indian pacer likes to hit the stumps with the ball more than he likes to throw out swingers. Bowling from stump to stump has always been a key part of Shami’s deliveries.

Most of the time, batsmen don’t know whether to leave or defend against Shami’s deliveries that pitch on the fourth stump line, so they end up getting bowled through the gap between the bat and pad. Shami’s great ability to hit the stumps is best shown by the crazy delivery that got rid of Shai Hope in the CWC 2019 match against West Indies.

6. BOUNCERS of Mohammed Shami

Shami’s bouncers are unusual because the ball moves like a hard plastic ball after he throws it. Also, the length at which he throws his bouncers doesn’t leave room for batsmen to move their arms, which makes it harder to catch.

In the 2015 CWC match against Pakistan, he used a bouncer to get Younis Khan out. This is something you don’t often see from Indian fast bowlers. It totally surprised the Pakistani batsman, who had no idea it was coming. Later, after his injury, Shami got faster and more accurate, which made his “hitting the helmet” deliveries even more dangerous.

7. YORKERS of Mohammed Shami

Shami learned to be able to bowl Yorkers. It’s because of how the game is changing across platforms. His death bowling has gotten better since he learned how to bowl his own kind of “toe crushers”. When the searing toe crusher gets the reverse swing, he is the most dangerous customer for any batsman.

The best example of his Yorker technique is the hat trick he scored against Afghanistan in the 2019 CWC.

8. FITNESS of Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami’s body is in a good place right now, so he can do anything he wants on the field.

Fitness is also one of the reasons he does well in all three types of cricket. It helps him bowl for long periods of time in Tests.

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