Top 10 Most Failed Captains in Cricket History

Most Failed Captains in Cricket History
Most Failed Captains in Cricket History
Most Unsuccessful Captains: No one is born with the skills and instincts of a leader. Even the best players in every sport

Most Failed Captains: No one is born with the skills and instincts of a leader. Even the best players in every sport have often let their teams down when they were in charge. There have been cricketers who were considered to be among the best at what they did, but they weren’t as good as captains. We at Cricket Addict or will look at the ten best players who failed as captains.

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The following ten cricketers failed as captains:


Brian Lara might be the best left-handed batter of this generation. His style and ability to score goals over and over again have been an inspiration to players today. Lara has more than 20,000 runs in his international career. His best score in a Test match was 400 runs.

But the great West Indies cricketer hasn’t been able to turn his success into wins for his country. With 125 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) played over 13 years and a 50%-win rate, it was his Test success rate that was looked at. Lara had only won 10 of the 47 games she had played, and she had lost 26 of them. The great West Indies player couldn’t get his team to play like him in the five-day game.


Sir Alastair Cook had a career full of ups and downs, but his passion and drive helped him reach the top of success. He has the most runs for England in the five-day version of the game, with 12742 runs from 161 games, 33 of which were centuries.

But when it came to leading the three Lions, Cook couldn’t do as well as he did with the bat. Over the course of six years, he led England in 59 Test matches. Of those, 22 were losses, and 13 were tied. During his four-year stint, from 2010 to 2014, Cook also led his country in 69 ODIs, but they only won 30 of them.


Andre Flintoff was one of the best examples of a 21st-century all-rounder. The man from England was just as good with the bat as he was with the ball. His career was at its best during the 2005 Ashes, but a string of injuries cut it short.

But Flintoff did not do well when he was in charge of England. In 11 Test matches, he was in charge of his country and had a terrible record of 7 losses, 2 draws, and 2 wins. Even though Flintoff was aggressive as a player, he couldn’t do it in a controlled way as captain. The all-rounder also didn’t do well in one-day internationals (ODIs), where he only won one of seven games he played.


Sachin Tendulkar, the best modern batsman, earned billions of hearts. He has the most international cricket runs and nearly every batting record.

Captaincy-wise, Tendulkar was inconsistent. He captained India twice: briefly in 1996 and badly in 1999-2000. The Little Master had only four wins from 25 Tests and 23 from 73 ODIs, contrasting with his batsman ship success. BCCI offered Sachin Tendulkar the job after Rahul Dravid quit. MS Dhoni took up after the famous batsman declined.


West Indies leaders are legendary. Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards have led and played. They no longer create top-class leaders. Chris Gayle led West Indies after Brian Lara, but he lacked attack.

Gayle was a prime example of outstanding cricketers who failed as captain, with 17 victories from 53 games and 30 losses. Unlike his batting, the self-proclaimed Universe Boss took captaincy lightly.


Shakib Al Hasan is Bangladesh’s finest cricketer. In the just finished ICC World Cup 2019. The all-rounder became the first to hit over 600 runs and take over ten wickets.

Shakib has unable to translate his all-round success as Bangladesh captain. He has lost ten Tests and 23 ODIs.


Rahul Dravid is one of India’s best Test batsmen. He has been a rock for his team and helped them get out of trouble many times. He has more than 24,000 runs in international cricket, including 48 centuries and 146 fifties.

But when Dravid took over as leader, he couldn’t keep up the same level of play. He took over as captain from Ganguly at the end of 2005, after Ganguly was kicked off the team. The Wall was India’s captain for a total of 25 Tests and 79 ODIs. He won eight Tests and 42 ODIs. Even though Dravid did well at home, the Indian team had a hard time when they went somewhere else.


Andy Flower is one of Zimbabwean cricket’s brightest stars, and he has helped his country reach new heights. Flower was so consistent in Test cricket in the early 2000s that he had an average of over 50. This made him the best player that his country has ever had.

But Flower, who was great with both the bat and the gloves he wore to keep wickets, didn’t do as well as captain of Zimbabwe. He only won 13 of the 70 Test and ODI matches he played, which is the exact opposite of his records as a batsman and wicket-keeper.


For more than ten years, Ross Taylor has been a key part of New Zealand’s batting in all formats. During this time, the team has done well in Tests, especially at home, and has been to two straight World Cup finals. He has almost 15,000 international runs and has led the middle-order for New Zealand for a long time.

But Taylor hasn’t been able to keep the Black Caps stable as captain. In 20 ODIs, the swashbuckling batsman has only won six games. When it comes to Test cricket, Taylor’s record is even worse. In the 14 games he has led the Black Caps, he has only won four and lost eight.


Daniel Vettori, a young New Zealand Test cricketer, is a top left-handed spinner. Vettori has succeeded without media attention. One of the rare Test cricketers to score 3000 runs and 300 wickets.

However, the brilliant bowler was mellow when representing his country internationally. Vettori had success in Test cricket, although his leadership was questioned. He won six of 32 Test matches and drew 16 compared to roughly 50% in ODIs. This is the list of Failed Captains.

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