Top 10 Cricketers with Highest Scores in Yo-Yo Test

Cricketers with Highest Scores in Yo-Yo Test
Cricketers with Highest Scores in Yo-Yo Test
Yo-Yo Test: Cricket players need varied skills; thus fitness is important. Speed and agility are essential for fielding near ropes

Yo-Yo Test: Cricket players need varied skills; thus fitness is important. Speed and agility are essential for fielding near ropes, rushing between wickets, and bowling swiftly. Thus, all cricket boards emphasize player fitness along with batting and bowling skills. The yo-yo test is a common fitness test. It tests players’ stamina, speed, endurance, and agility. It is calculated by counting shuttles at a certain speed. Speed levels range from 5 (one shuttle) to 23, the highest.

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Many cricket boards have a Yo-Yo Test score a player must reach to be selected. Several cricketers have easily passed this exam.

The top 10 active cricketers with the highest yo-yo scores are shown below:

10. Ravindra Jadeja – 19:

Ravindra Jadeja, a top fielder, was included. The captain loves the three-dimensional all-rounder. He bowls accurately and can smash the ball far in the end overs. Jadeja has struggled with bat and ball. However, the southpaw rarely had a terrible game. Jadeja stops the ball whether he’s fielding within the circle or near the boundary ropes. Thus, he has made several spectacular catches and run-outs.

Therefore, Jadeja passes the Yo-Yo Test. He ranks 10th on this list due to his 19-point performances.

9. Hardik Pandya – 19:

Hardik Pandya joins the list of Indian all-rounders. Pandya, like Jadeja, can play in all three departments, making him an important national team member. Dasher can bowl useful spells and score quick runs in the final overs. Pandya also fields well. Fans are amazed by his speed and ability to make spectacular catches. The fast bowler has also run out numerous batsmen from the boundary ropes with his strong arm.

His Yo-Yo test score is great, but he is injury-prone and has missed games. Pandya, like Jadeja, has 19 points and wants more.

8. Virat Kohli – 19:

The Indian captain epitomizes cricket fitness. Kohli began training in 2012 to improve his performance. The talismanic cricketer improved with gym and training practice. Kohli is a lively player despite his batting skill. His reflexes and ability to cover ground are unmatched. The seasoned cricketer rarely puffs up or tyres on the pitch.

Kohli also improved Indian cricket’s fitness perspective. Most Indian sportsmen have toned bodies and stomachs. Everyone can’t match Kohli’s fitness. 32-year-old Yo-Yo test score: 19.

7. Manish Pandey – 19.2:

After talking about Virat Kohli’s health, imagine he has one of the best Yo-Yo scores. His teammate Manish Pandey is too. The right-handed batter has a strong domestic record despite a limited international career. Pandey’s big-hitting has neutralized several powerful bowlers. Pandey can help elsewhere outside hitting. The veteran fielder stands in crucial places. He also has amazing hands for tricky catches.

The 31-year-old earned 19.2 in Yo-Yo testing. Pandey must stay in shape to play at the highest level as the Indian team’s fitness requirements rise.

6. Kagiso Rabada – 19.2:

The South African cricket squad has struggled recently, and its glory days are unlikely to return. Kagiso Rabada has excelled for them. Right-arm speedster has always helped his team. Fast bowlers are tired, therefore captains usually put them at fine-leg or third-man. Unlike Rabada. Due to his speed, the veteran speedster fields in crucial locations. He has also made stunning catches.

Rabada’s Yo-Yo score proves he’s one of the fittest players. His 19.2 endurance test score shouldn’t surprise anyone.

5. Mohammad Rizwan – 19.2:

Pakistani sportsmen have been heavily criticized for their fitness. Who could forget the Pakistani fan’s 2019 World Cup rant? Some players are still very fitness-conscious. One is Mohammad Rizwan. After Sarfaraz Ahmed was fired in 2019, the right-hander became Pakistan’s first-choice wicketkeeper across forms. He grabbed the chance and excelled in front and behind the stumps. Wicketkeeping is a thankless profession, but doing hundreds of sit-ups with heavy gear is brutal.

Due to his athleticism, Rizwan has done the job well. With a 19.2 Yo-Yo score, he’s one of Pakistan’s fittest cricketers.

4. Beth Langston – 19.2:

England’s Beth Langston also makes this list. Even though she hasn’t played internationally, the Essex all-rounder keeps fit. The ECB released a training video of the women’s squad in June 2018. Langston outperformed all other players in fitness. Beth traversed 2080 meters in that film, resulting in a 19.2 yo-yo test score.

It’s a world record. The 28-year-old had the top yo-yo test scores with American soccer player Kelly O’Hara. Langston, who has played for the national team, wants to wear the shirt soon.

3. Mayank Dagar – 19.3:

Mayank Dagar is also uncapped. Himachal Pradesh domestic cricketer Virender Sehwag’s nephew is 24. Dagar, unlike his uncle, spins. The youngster is fit, but he needs to improve to make the national squad. Dagar announced on Instagram in July 2018 that he has scored 19.3 on the Yo-Yo test. Even Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja haven’t scored this high.

The 24-year-old left-arm spinner must strive hard to represent India at the top. Dagar played for Punjab Kings in the IPL (PBKS).

2. Jonny Bairstow – 21.8:

Dashing Jonny Bairstow is second in the table. The wicketkeeper-records batsman’s show his importance to England’s white-ball team. Bairstow’s range makes him a threat to bowlers from the start. Bairstow has also kept wickets for England. In ODIs, his field magic draws him to the boundary ropes. He has caught well and saved runs.

Bairstow isn’t lean like most of these folks, but looks can be misleading. Yo-Yo Test score: 21.8.

1. Shan Masood- 22.1:

Pakistani players have been criticized for poor fitness. Ironically, only a Pakistani tops this list. Shan Masood. Post-“MissYou,” the elegant opener has become a key Pakistan Test player. Masood has scored runs against the world’s finest bowling lineups due to his grit and defense. His fieldwork is equally noteworthy. The southpaw is swift and agile, making him a valuable player.

Seeing his yo-yo test scores confirms that. In 2017, Shan Masood scored 22.1—a Pakistan team record.

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