Top 10 Books Written by Indian Cricketers

Books Written by Indian Cricketers
Books Written by Indian Cricketers
Books Written: Just like cricket, every day in life is different from the day before. These books about famous Indian cricketers

Just like cricket, every day in life is different from the day before. These books about famous Indian cricketers show exactly how to face every problem with determination and a positive attitude. India’s 2019 World Cup run is over because they lost to New Zealand in the Semi Final. But India as a team is still doing well, so all is not yet lost. Not every day is the same, and batsmen can get out on zero and bowlers can get a lot of runs on odd days.

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Life is full of ups and downs, and you need to keep your mind on the task at hand and keep yourself motivated at all times. These books about Indian cricketers show how they met every challenge with a positive attitude and a strong will:

1. Playing it my Way (Sachin Tendulkar):

It makes sense that Sachin Tendulkar deserves some of the credit for the rise and popularity of Indian cricket. Sachin is known as the “God of Cricket,” and his career as a cricket player has taught us a lot. In this book, he talks about how he became a good cricket player and what drove him to do so well and do it over and over again. Sachin Tendulkar wrote about everything in this book, from his first match to his decision to leave the world of cricket. It will blow your mind.

2. Captain Cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story:

Dhoni is not just a smart and skilled captain who makes you laugh by hitting helicopter sixes or throwing a batsman out of the game with a backhand throw. Behind the background of his flamboyant is a difficult story that you need to know. Dhoni is from Ranchi, and it’s amazing to think about how he went from being a ticket collector to being the captain of the Indian Cricket National Team.

3. A Century Is Not Enough (Sourav Ganguly):

Sourav Ganguly is thought to be India’s best captain, and his path to success in cricket has been like a roller coaster. He showed the Indian team how to play as a team and with confidence. The Indian team took on a new look when he was in charge. He showed the Indian team how to win games in other countries. But when Greg Chappel was hired as the Indian coach, things got worse for Ganguly. Ganguly tells everything in this book, from how he left the team in a controversial way to how he came back and did well.

4. Yuvraj Singh the Test of My Life

Yuvraj Singh’s book, “The Test of My Life,” is about his journey from cricket to cancer and back to cricket. This amazing book is about the life of Yuvraj Singh. It will not only inspire you, but it will also push you to keep going in life, no matter how hard things get. If you want to know what you can learn from cricket, this book about Yuvraj Singh is the answer.

5. 281 and Beyond (VVS Laxman)

Even someone who doesn’t care much about cricket would remember India’s epic win over Australia in the 2001 test match at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. VVS Laxman scored 281 runs in that game. This book, written by VVS Laxman himself, is about what he learned and what went wrong while he was being taught by John Wright and Greg Chappel.

6. Wide Angle (Anil Kumble):

Remember when Anil Kumble took 10 wickets against Pakistan in a test match? If you look closely at Kumble’s journey in cricket, there is a lot more than that. Do you know that he loves taking pictures? Yes, he is a passionate photographer, and this book has all of his best pictures so you can see cricket from a different point of view.

7. A Biography of Rahul Dravid:

Rahul Dravid is known as “The Wall” because of how long he can stay at the wicket and how well he does it. Dravid is also liked for how he acts, how he deals with stress, and how well he handles pressure. This book has stories about important interviews, memoirs, and getting back together with old teammates. Each story will teach you a new lesson about how to run your life.

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