Most Fan Following Team in IPL

Most Fan Following Team in IPL
Most Fan Following Team in IPL
Fan Following Team: If you are a true IPL fan you won’t miss any games, you’ll always check the scores, and you’ll always cheer for your team

Fan Following Team in IPL: If you are a true IPL fan, you won’t miss any games, you’ll always check the scores, and you’ll always cheer for your favorite team when the championship is in full swing. Overall, there’s not much to say about this tournament. It’s popular not just in India, but all over the world. So, people all over the world follow this league. And you know that fans are what make sports possible. Also, the number of people who watch a sport is a good way to tell how popular it is.

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The main reason why bettors like IPL is that the competition between the different teams is so tough that it can be hard to tell who will win. The next IPL season is almost here, so it’s time to start getting ready. Make sure you know everything about the teams, like how many awards they’ve won, how many times they’ve won, etc. This information will definitely help you choose the best bets.

In IPL, which team has the most fans? Which team has won the most? Let’s look into this theme more and try to figure out which team has the best chance of winning the next season.

Which is most fan following team in ipl 2023: Chennai Super Kings

Fan Following Team in IPL

Chennai Super Kings:

Well, which IPL team has the most fans around the world? So far, it’s one of the IPL’s most famous teams. It has more than 13 million fans on Facebook and more than 9 million fans on Instagram. This team has already won five IPL titles, making it the most successful.

Delhi Capitals:

This group also doesn’t need to be introduced because they already have almost 3 million Instagram followers. Also, Rishabh Pant and Shikhar Dhawan, two very good cricket players, are on this team right now. Over the past few years, Delhi Capitals has changed a lot, which has had a big effect on how well they play on the field. At the moment, they are near the top of the points table.

Punjab Kings:

This team has a lot of fans from all over the world. They have more than 8 million followers on Facebook and almost 3 million on Instagram. Even though they haven’t done well in the past, professional handicappers say they have a bright future. The next season could be a big step forward for this team.

Kolkata Knight Riders:

When talking about which IPL team has the most fans, we couldn’t leave out KKR, which has 16 million Facebook followers and almost 5 million Twitter followers. The thing is that Shahrukh Khan, a famous Bollywood actor, owns this cricket team. Most likely, this is why it’s so popular. But the team is also good at what it does. They have won the IPL twice already.

Mumbai Indians:

It has a great reputation and is one of the most well-known and powerful IPL teams. They already have almost 14 million Facebook fans and 8 million Instagram followers. Rohit Sharma is a big reason why this team is even more well-known. At the moment, they have five IPL titles, and they won’t lose them.

Rajasthan Royals:

This team isn’t as well-known as the ones above, but they still have millions of fans who can’t wait for their games. On all social networking sites, they already have almost 9 million fans. The team also has some new players who might help them get a higher rating.

Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Who has the most loyal fans in the IPL? RCB doesn’t need a start-up. It’s one of the most popular cricket teams because it has almost 8 million followers on Instagram and 10 million on Facebook. Virat Kohli is the captain right now (plus, this man is also one of the best cricket players). They have never won the IPL championship, but they have come in second place three times.

Sunrisers Hyderabad:

We couldn’t leave this one out of our review of most fan teams in IPL. This team also has a lot of fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because of David Warner. They won one IPL title during the 2016 season (the team defeated the Royal Challengers Bangalore by 8 runs in the final matches). So far, Sunrisers Hyderabad has a few well-known players who could help them improve.

Lucknow Super Giants:

At the moment, they don’t have that many fans, but that number is growing. They aren’t as well-known because they are a new team that will start playing in the new season.

Now that you know which IPL team has the most fans, it’s time to think about your cricket betting strategy and get ready for the next season!

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