What is Yo-Yo Test and DEXA in Cricket?

DEXA TEST: In a statement, the BCCI said that the meeting also covered planning for the 2023 World Cup, which will be held in India.

DEXA TEST: During the meeting, the BCCI also discussed plans for the 2023 World Cup, which will be held in India.

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Additionally, the Dexa test (a bone scan) has been added to the selection criteria

On January 1, 2023, the Yo-Yo fitness test was reinstated for the Indian cricket team.

In addition to the Yo-Yo test, the Dexa test (a bone scan) has also been added to the list of selection criteria.

Also, young players, who usually choose white-ball cricket over red-ball cricket in the IPL, have to play a “substantial domestic season” before they can be considered for national selection.

What is DEXA?

DEXA scans measure body fat, lean muscle mass, water content, and bone density. Considering the test is being introduced alongside the Yo-Yo test, the fitness benchmark is going to be tough.

The BCCI will also keep an eye on injury-prone players’ fitness.

The BCCI said in a release that player availability, workload management, and fitness parameters were also discussed at length.

According to Jay Shah:

The up-and-coming players will have to play a lot of domestic games before they get picked.

Yo-Yo Test and Dexa will now be used to decide who gets into the central pool of players, and they’ll be added to their customized roadmaps.

The NCA will work with the IPL franchisee to keep an eye on the targeted Indian players who are taking part in the IPL 2023.”

The Yo-Yo test is an aerobic endurance fitness test that has you run at increasing speeds between markers that are 20 meters apart. During Virat Kohli’s time as India’s captain, the test was introduced. At first, the passing score was 16.1, but it was later raised to 16.5.

According to BCCI statement:

After the World Cup, the whole selection committee was fired. But Sharma’s presence at the meeting on Sunday has also drawn attention. He has reapplied for the job, and so has Harvinder Singh, who was also on the panel that was fired.

In a statement, the BCCI said that the meeting also covered planning for the 2023 World Cup. Which will be held in India.

There was also a lot of discussion about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 road map, workload management, and fitness parameters.

Deepak Chahar, who gets hurt a lot, has been criticized for his fitness. A back injury has also kept Jasprit Bumrah out for a long time.

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