Everything About Each IPL Season’s First Match

IPL First Match: The T20 or T20 format of cricket is thought to be the best of the three most common ones. There’s no doubt that since this format was introduced, cricket has grown steadily and in a big way over the years. The Indian Premier League, or IPL, began in 2008 as India’s version of the domestic T20 league. It has had a huge effect on cricket around the world. The IPL is one of the largest sports leagues in the world, and it has already had fifteen successful seasons. Let’s look back at each IPL team’s first game and remember the good times. This article has the first match of every IPL season, from the very first one to the most recent one.

A Quick Overview of Every IPL Season’s First Match

1. RCB vs KKR – IPL 2008

When was first IPL match?: During the first year of the Indian Premier League in 2008, the first-ever IPL match was played between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore. RCB won the coin toss after the opening ceremony and chose to field first. Praveen Kumar from RCB bowled the first over, and KKR’s famous opener Brendon McCullum scored 158 runs with 13 sixes and 10 fours off of 73 deliveries. From the start, the league set high standards, but when team RCB ran out of players at 82 runs, they lost the game by 140 runs to KKR. So the Answer of Who won 1st IPL match? is Kolkata Knight Riders Won first ipl match.

2. MI vs CSK – IPL 2009

The second season of the league was held in South Africa, and the first match was between two rival teams, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Sachin Tendulkar of MI won the game with 59 not-out runs, which helped the team score 165/7. While trying to reach the goal, CSK, which was led by Dhoni, was stopped at 146/7. This meant that Mumbai Indians won the 20-over game by 19 runs. At the first IPL 2009 game, Sachin Tendulkar was named the man of the match.

3. KKR vs DC – IPL 2010

During the third IPL season in 2010, Kolkata Knight Riders played the opening match again, this time against Deccan Chargers. Angelo Mathews’s 65 runs not out helped KKR get to a very good score of 161/4 when they batted first. The defending champions, DC, were 11 runs short, though, so they lost the match to KKR. They ended their run-haul at 150/7, which was 11 runs short. People say that this was the best first game of any IPL season.

4. CSK vs KKR – IPL 2011

In the fourth season of IPL, the opening match was between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings. This was the third time that Kolkata Knight Riders played in the opening match. The defending champions, CSK, batted first and set a target of 154 runs for the other teams to try to reach. KKR, on the other hand, was just as good, but they lost to CSK because they didn’t get enough runs. The final score was 151/7, so KKR lost.

5. MI vs CSK – IPL 2012

After playing each other in the first game of the league’s second season, rivals Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians met again to start the league’s fifth season in 2012. CSK got to bat first, but when they lost all of their wickets, they could only score a total of 112 runs. MI was able to chase down the target easily and scored 115/2 by the end of 16.5 overs. Richard Levi of MI was named the match’s best player.

6. KKR vs DD – IPL 2013

As the defending champions, KKR got the spot in the first match of the 2013 IPL because that is what they usually do. They were playing against the Delhi Daredevils, who set a goal of 129 runs for their opponents to reach. Except for the early loss of M. Bisla, KKR didn’t have any major problems. They reached the goal with 4 wickets down and 18.4 overs left. With 8 balls and 6 wickets left, KKR won the first game of the sixth IPL season.

7. MI vs KKR – IPL 2014

In the first match of the seventh IPL season, the league favorites, the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders, were playing each other. Jacques Kallis’s huge contribution of 72 runs helped KKR reach a total of 163/5. KKR’s bowling and fielding were so good that it was hard for MI to reach the goal. MI’s innings ended when they had 122 runs and 7 wickets left. KKR won the match by 41 runs, and Kallis was named the MVP. Every IPL season’s first game is important, but this one is especially important.

8. KKR vs MI – IPL 2015

Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians played each other in the first game of the league last season, and they did so again to start season eight. This time, MI batted first and made a huge score of 168 runs, losing 3 wickets along the way. Rohit Sharma’s 98 not out and Corey Anderson’s 55 not out were big parts of this. But KKR was able to chase down the target by scoring 170/3 in 18.3 overs. G. Gambhir’s 57 runs were a big part of that.

9. RPS vs MI – IPL 2016

Every first match of an IPL season has been important, but the first game of Season 9 was by far the most important. In this game, Mumbai Indians were facing off Rising Pune Supergiants. MI’s first score was 121 runs, and they had lost 8 wickets. RPS had no trouble getting to their goal of 122 runs in 20 overs. In 14.4 overs, they scored 126 runs and lost only one wicket. With 32 balls left, they won the game by 9 wickets.

10. SRH vs RCB – IPL 2017

Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore played in the first game of the 10th season of the IPL. SRH batted first and made a huge score of 207/4. Yuvraj Singh’s 62 runs and Moises Henriques’ 52 runs helped them get there. On the other hand, RCB was out after scoring 172 runs in the last over. The first game of that season was won by SRH by 35 runs, and Yuvraj Singh was named player of the game.

11. MI vs CSK – IPL 2018

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, two of the best teams in the IPL, played each other again in the first match of season 11. MI went first, and by the end of their turn, they had scored 165/4. MI’s bowling was just as fast as CSK’s batting, and the game was very close. CSK scored 169 runs, but they lost 9 wickets. Dwayne Bravo’s 68 runs in 30 balls helped them get there. The first game of the 2018 IPL season was won by CSK by 1 wicket with 1 ball left. People often say that this match is the most exciting of all IPL opening matches.

12. CSK vs RCB – IPL 2019

The first game of IPL 2019 between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings will be remembered for a long time. The first team to bat was RCB, but CSK kept them from making more than 70 runs before they all got out. With a goal of 71 runs, CSK needed 17.4 overs and lost 3 wickets to reach the goal. CSK won the game by 7 wickets, but at times it was too easy for them. The RCB score of 70 runs all out was the lowest of any IPL first match.

13. CSK vs MI – IPL 2020

For the fourth time, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians played in the opening match of the IPL. This happened during season 13. MI batted first and set a score of 163 for the other team to beat. And because Faf du Plessis didn’t get out and Ambati Rayudu made 71 runs, CSK was able to score 166/5 with 4 balls left in the last over. CSK beat MI by 5 wickets in the first game of season 13.

14. MI vs RCB – IPL 2021

Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore played the first match of IPL’s 14th season. MI gave RCB a goal of 160 runs in 20 overs, which they reached on the last ball of the last over. The game was won by RCB by two wickets, and Harshal Patel was named the player of the match for his 5/27 bowling figure.

15. CSK vs KKR – IPL 2022

Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders were set to play each other in the first game of IPL season 15. CSK was the first team to bat, and after twenty overs, they had a score of 131/5. MS Dhoni’s 50 runs not out were a huge part of this score. But with a score of 133/4 after 18.3 overs, KKR was able to reach the goal. Umesh Yadav was named the player of the match after helping Kolkata Knight Riders win by 6 wickets with 9 balls left. People say that the first game of the IPL season 2022 will be the best of all first games.

Which team will play the 1st match in IPL 2023?

The first match of IPL 2023 will be played on 25th march between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).