Images used on the Website are available from various sources on the Internet, and are considered open source for use in representation. Currently, images and content circulating on the Internet are in the public domain and can thus be used by anyone., while being responsible for its actions, never intends to violate or infringe on the rights of an individual or a firm unless such rights are specifically stated. Please notify us if you are the sole rights owner of any image or material appearing on will not violate any copyright or ownership rights, but if an individual or a firm has any complaint regarding using their owned or copyrighted material without appropriate credit or authorization, they can send us a written complaint/ notice/ request for removing the image/ content or others (Please specify).


Forwarded complaints/notices/requests must include:

Name, along with other valid details of the complainant, along with a document that proves SOLE right ownership of the image, content, etc.

The exact location on the website where the aggrieved party first viewed the content, along with a visual proof and/or URL link.

Details about the image, content, etc.

It is a declaration addressed to that you are the rightful owner of the work used inappropriately by the company, (which will be used against the company if the complaint is found to be fraudulent/misleading/defamatory.)

Attach a letter of authority signed by the Second Party on behalf of the Original Copy Right holder, along with the Physically or Electronically signed Declaration.

If any of the above details are incomplete or inappropriately filled out and sent to, it may not be considered in minor cases and in specific cases might result in the company filing a lawsuit against the individual or company trying to falsely frame

Furthermore, the company is required to contact the aggrieved party in writing (on the email address used to put up the complaint/ notice/ request) once it receives a valid, verified complaint, notice, or request. This acknowledgement should include a requested duration during which the issue will be duly and rightfully addressed.

As a result of all these factors and clauses, does not intend to intentionally hold onto anything that belongs to anyone other than and its associates.